This is a hot and cold full-automatic strip cutting machine, imported from Taiwan heating tube, stable performance; adopts microcomputer numerical control device, can cut 110 pieces per minute (take 50 mm length as an example), its cutting width is 1-95 mm, cutting Cut thickness 0.2-3 mm.

Machine advantage: This machine adopts microcomputer numerical control device, Chinese and English labeling, and has the function of automatic feeding and counting. It can directly adjust the length of the material, without burrs, high precision and low loss.

Applications:Braided belt, elastic belt, nylon webbing, backpack belt, shoelace, zipper.

Product Specification


  • Model:JL-988T
  • Product name:Hot And Cold Cutting Machine
  • Cutting thickness:2-3mm
  • Cutting width:1-95 mm
  • Cutlery:Cold knife, hot knife
  • Degree of automation:Full-automatic
  • Role object:Elastic band, webbing, zipper
  • Drive form:Electric
  • MOQ:1 set

Hot And Cold Cutting Machine for Trademark and label