This sewing machine is specially designed for luggage manufacturing. Cylindrical thick flat sewing machine, solid structure, modelling is novel. Machine appearance design is  convenient for operation and adjustment, the equilibrium of sewing thread, the work efficiency. Due to the small diameter cylindrical seaming machine, widely used in production of all kinds of leather goods, leather clothing, shoes, seat cushion for processing. Suitable for sewing leather wear, bags, leather goods, shoes, seat cushion, etc in the piping process.

Production Specification

  • Model:JL-246C
  • Place of Origin:Dongguan, China (Mainland)
  • Stitch Formation:Lock stitch
  • Mechanical Configuration:Cylinder-bed
  • Max Sewing Speed:p.m
  • Height of Presser Foot:15mm
  • Stitch Length:0-8.0mm
  • Power:250W 2P
  • Dimensions:57*27*62
  • Feed Mechanism:Compound feed
  • Needle:DP x 17
  • Diameter of Cylinder Bed:46mm
  • Gross Weight:40KG
  • Characteristic:Extended type tube type composite material feeding flat sewing machine & the ellipse to send cloth & automatic refueling

Luggage Bag Industrial Sewing Machine