This sewing machine is a cylinder type specially designed for luggage manufacturing with a solid structure. The sliding rod is used to take up the thread to form a double-thread lock stitch, and the upper and lower shafts are driven by a synchronous toothed belt. Presser foot, feeding cloth, synchronous needle feeding High-pressure foot stroke, high-pressure foot lifting clearance and large stitch length, matched with cylindrical sewing table. Suitable for sewing heavy bags and suitcases.

Production Specification

  • Model: JL-8B
  • Stitch Formation:Lock Stitch
  • Mechanical Configuration:Cylinder-Bed
  • Sewing Thickness:14mm
  • Stitch Length:0-7.5mm
  • Power:250W
  • Overall Dimensions:6*26.6*51
  • Feed Mechanism:compound feed
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Key Selling Points:Easy to Operate
  • Core Components:Motor
  • Number of Needle:Single Needle
  • Sewing Speed:2200(r.p.m)
  • Stitch Length:0-6.5mm
  • Diameter of Cylinder Bed:65mm
  • Needle size:DP*17
  • Needle gauga:0-6.5mm
  • Bed size in dia.: 65 mm
  • Hook:Small Vertical Hook
  • Lubrication:Manual lubrication
  • Working Space:250*110 mm
  • MOQ:1set
  • N.W:32 KG
  • G.W:37 KG


Mattress Tape Edge Sewing Machine (4)