This sewing machine is adopted with the large vertical rotating hooks.Divided into single needle, double needle, synchronous cog belt plunger pump lubrication system.The machine drive slide on comprehensive performance, low noise, high durability.Especially suitable for car seat cushion, seat belts, air bags , such as sewing, can also be applicable to the tent, parachute and other large equipment.

Production Specification

  • Model:JL-4400-A
  • Place of Origin:Dongguan, China (Mainland)
  • Stitch Formation:Lock stitch
  • Mechanical Configuration:Flat-bed
  • Max Sewing Speed:p.m
  • Height of Presser Foot:16mm
  • Stitch Length:0-9.0mm
  • Power:250W 2P
  • Dimensions:120*54*8
  • Feed Mechanism:Compound feed
  • Color:White
  • Needle:DP x 17
  • Diameter of Cylinder Bed:50mm
  • Gross Weight:25KG
  • Characteristic:Heavy duty compound feed lockstitch sewing machine series & single needle


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