Garment Clothes Industrial Sewing Machine

This industrial sewing machine is applicable to blind sewing in clothes, trousers,applicable to skirt edge, trousers, sleeves, pockets, collar. No sewing sign in the surface. Tidy, beautiful, no wrinkle.Delicate craftsmanship with full function, blind sewing interval adjustable.Equipped with thread tension device, applicable to ex-thin or medium heavy material blind sewing Suitable for volume processing work

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 Car Seat Computer Pattern Industrial Sewing Machine

This structure technology of this sewing machine is a unique design of our company. The machine adopts a built-in conjoined double-shaft structure, which increases the stability of the machine during operation and makes the feeding accurate and stable. The stitches sewn out are very uniform and beautiful. Sewing range is 500 mm *300 mm and

Choosing the Correct Industrial Sewing Machine for Your Application

Are you using the right industrial sewing machine? Things to consider when looking to purchase a new machine include stitch type, thread thickness, sewing material thickness, material density, speed, parts availability, warranty, and special features or abilities. Know Your Stitch Type There are several stitch types used for various applications, so it’s important to know

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Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine

For this heavy duty industrial sewing machine, the lifting height of the presser foot can reach 25mm,suitable for sewing extremely thick materials, and the stitched pattern is neat and beautiful . Using three synchronous feeding mechanism, the sewing fabric is precise and stable, and the stitches are even and beautiful. Production Specification Model:JL-180 Stitch Formation:Lock

Computer Programmable Sewing Machine

This industrial sewing machine is equipped with a high-precision computer control system, high-performance servo motor drive, the sewing pattern can be set arbitrarily within the sewing range.The structural design is rigorous and unique, and the transmission is precise and reliable. Set various parameters such as pattern, number of stitches, stitch length and speed through the