Super Large Operating Space Industrial Sewing Machine

The operation space of this industrial sewing machine  is enlarged to 1000mm length, which is suitable for sewing large items and meets the diverse sewing needs of customers.Adopt vertical shuttle, avoid frequent replacement of wire core, improve work efficiency, increase factory output.Optional pneumatic presser foot lifting, which can easily adjust the height of the presser foot. Suitable for sewing large

Car Mat Making Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is equipped with connecting rod upper and lower feed mechanism and presser foot alternately lifting mechanism to ensure smooth feeding. With automatic lubrication devices at speeds up to 3500 rev/min. Using the latest sewing structure, to achieve the advantages of the low-tension sewing. Presser foot lift and the presser foot shaft sewing shaft is sealed

Car Mat Making Compound Feed Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is designed with a small cylindrical sewing table, comprehensive feeding, and synchronous mobile hemming device.The machine is easy to operate and adjust, and the work efficiency is high. The thread clamp can adjust the tightness of the thread without manual adjustment, saving time and convenience, and improving the efficiency of production. Widely used in the sewing

Double Needle Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine adopts a post bed double-needle structure, which is suitable for sewing long cylindrical objects and meets the diverse needs of customers. Double needle clutch needle bar structure to ensure precision in turning, right angle, acute angle and straight sewing. Synchronized fabric feeding of needle bar and feed dog to prevent fabric slip, fine adaptation

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