Super Long Bed Customized Car Seat Industrial Sewing Machine

This industrial sewing machine is equipped with large vertical rotating hooks, and can be divided into single needle, double needle, synchronous cog belt plunger pump lubrication system.The machine drive slide on comprehensive performance, low noise, high durability. Especially suitable for car seat cushion, seat belts, air bags , such as sewing, can also be applicable to the

Thick Thread Industrial Sewing Machine with Servo Motor

The bobbin winding device of this heavy duty sewing machine is located above the machine head, and the lifting height of the presser foot can reach 25mm,suitable for sewing extremely thick materials, and the stitched pattern is neat and beautiful . Adopt comprehensive feeding method and cylindrical sewing table. The feeding force is strong and stable, and

 Car Seat Computer Pattern Industrial Sewing Machine

This structure technology of this sewing machine is a unique design of our company. The machine adopts a built-in conjoined double-shaft structure, which increases the stability of the machine during operation and makes the feeding accurate and stable. The stitches sewn out are very uniform and beautiful. Sewing range is 500 mm *300 mm and