Computer Drive Long Arm Double Needle Sewing Machine

Direct-drive electric control system is adopted, which is convenient and easy to operate and control, energy saving and high efficiency. The double-needle structure can be used to sew exquisite double-needle stitches without the need for multiple sewing, saving sewing time. Suitable for sewing large items,such as car seat,luggage,tents,sport goods,handbags etc. Product Specification Model:JL-6620D-18 Stitch Formation:Lock Stitch Mechanical Configuration:Flat-Bed

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Computer Direct Drive Thread Trimming Sewing Machine

This sewing machine adopts the connecting rod type up and down feeding method and the presser foot alternately lifting method to ensure smooth feeding. The use of automatic lubrication device realizes the advantages of low-tension sewing.  The presser foot lifting shaft adopts sealed automatic lubrication. With functions such as automatic thread trimming, automatic reverse stitching, and electronic thread

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Industrial Sewing Machine For Fabric School Uniform T-shirt

A new generation model designed for a quiet and smooth performance, and this sewing machine delivers improved seam quality, the room operable is wider, reliability and beautiful seam. This machine is characterized for heavy-duty operation through its auto-lubricating system. It features a distinctive reverse feed mechanism, make you sewing thin material without crinkle and thick

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Computer Direct Drive Flat Seam Industrial Sewing Machine

The touch-screen computer operation panel of the sewing machine is simple and convenient to operate. The automatic lubrication device is adopted, which eliminates the need for manual lubrication, which is convenient, time-saving and efficient. Automatic thread trimming, without manual trimming, efficient and time-saving, improving production efficiency. Product Specification Model:JL-0303D Stitch Formation:Lock Stitch Mechanical Configuration:Flat-Bed Sewing Thickness:6-13mm Stitch Length:0-8mm Power:250W

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Cylinder Bed Soccer Industrial Sewing Machine For Football

This sewing machine is equipped with automatic reverse stitching and Automatic thread trimming,sub body motor, electronic servo, automatic pressure foot, upper and lower automatic needle function, high efficiency and energy saving.Widely used in production of all kinds of leather goods, luggage cases, sports goods,leather clothing, shoes, seat cushion for processing. Product Specification Model:JL-6860DQ Stitch Formation:Lock

Computer Drive Integrated Leather Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is equipped with pneumatic presser foot lifting device,pneumatic lifting back seam device and electronic operation panel.It is easy to operate and adjust, and the work efficiency is high. Widely used in the sewing of leather clothes, bags, leather goods, and the hemming process in the production of shoes, bags, and cushions. Product Specification Model:JL-246D-2AQ

Industrial High Speed Automatic Program Pattern Sewing Machine

The structure technology of this sewing machine is a unique design of our company. The machine adopts a built-in conjoined double-shaft structure, which increases the stability of the machine during operation and makes the feeding accurate and stable. The stitches sewn out are very uniform and beautiful. In addition,the use of a widened aircraft frame

Industrial Automatic Computerized Pattern Sewing Machines

The operating space is 800 mm*450 mm, which can meet the sewing needs of large products.The rack and the guide rail drive together, the transmission is stable, and the stability of the machine is increased, so that the feeding is accurate and smooth, and the stitches sewn are uniform and beautiful. Widening the guide rail