Industrial Automatic Computer Pattern Sewing Machine

This structure technology of this sewing machine is a unique design of our company. The machine adopts a built-in conjoined double-shaft structure, which increases the stability of the machine during operation and makes the feeding accurate and stable. The stitches sewn out are very uniform and beautiful.Sewing range is 500 mm *400 mm and the operator can

Large Working Space Computerized Pattern Industrial Sewing Machine

This industrial sewing machine is equipped with a high-precision computer control system, and data can be exported or imported via USB, no manual patterning is required, which improves work efficiency. Also the rack and rail drive in the X-axis direction make the feeding more precise and powerful. Production Specification Model:JL-6040 Stitch Formation:Lock Stitch Mechanical Configuration:Flat-Bed Sewing Thickness:10mm