Heavy Duty Cylinder Bed Industrial Sewing Machine

This industrial sewing machine adopts a large vertical shuttle, with a large amount of thread passing, avoiding frequent replacement of thread cores and improving work efficiency.Widely used in production of all kinds of leather goods, luggage cases, sports goods,leather clothing, shoes, seat cushion for processing. Product Specification Model:JL-1341L Stitch Formation:Lock Stitch Mechanical Configuration:Cylinder-Bed Sewing Thickness:13

Post Bed Shoes Making Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is equipped with double wheel and needle feed for smooth sewing operation. When spongy material is sewn, it won't transform and the stitch is very smoothly and neatly. Suitable for making boots,gym shoes,the saddie, sports shoes, work shoes, casual shoes, sea cotton-padded shoes,baby shoes, high quality leather footwear and bamboo mat package. Production Specification Model:JL-9910 Place of Origin:Dongguan, China (Mainland)

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Shoes Making Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is applicable to all types of sports shoes, footwear, children shoes, boots and other footwear and handbags sewing. The vertical post bed makes sewing operations easily and conveniently, enable flexible sewing of various arc stitches, thereby making the machine suitable for using in a wide range of applications.  Adopted upper and lower

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