Heavy Duty ABS Luggage Making Sewing Machine

This sewing machine adopts a post bed double-needle structure, which is suitable for sewing long cylindrical objects and meets the diverse needs of customers.  Using large shuttle, large amount of winding, avoid frequent replacement of core, save labor cost, improve the output of the factory. Suitable for ABS luggage cases, golf bags,and other thick materials goods.

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Heavy Duty Post Bed Sewing Machine For Luggage

This sewing machine is optimized on the 8366 model. Equipped with three-synchronous comprehensive feeding, and sewing thick and thin items is evenly and beautifully.Vertically long kettle seat design (kettle seat height 443 mm) ,special small angle needle plate and feeding cloth design make it easy for operations.  Suitable for sewing long boot,golf bags, and other

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Tents walking foot lockstitch sewing machine

This sewing machine is equipped with 22mm height of presser foot lift and suitable for sewing extra heavy duty products such as canvas, PE material and synthetic material and products can be safety belt, tent, seat cushions, suitcase, golf bag, sofa and so on. Feed in top and bottom, easy to sew the extra material.