Computer Direct Drive Thread Trimming Sewing Machine

This sewing machine adopts the connecting rod type up and down feeding method and the presser foot alternately lifting method to ensure smooth feeding. The use of automatic lubrication device realizes the advantages of low-tension sewing.  The presser foot lifting shaft adopts sealed automatic lubrication. With functions such as automatic thread trimming, automatic reverse stitching, and electronic thread

Shoes Making Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is applicable to all types of sports shoes, footwear, children shoes, boots and other footwear and handbags sewing. The vertical post bed makes sewing operations easily and conveniently, enable flexible sewing of various arc stitches, thereby making the machine suitable for using in a wide range of applications.  Adopted upper and lower

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Gloves Industrial Sewing Machine

Glove Sewing Machine is suitable for sewing leather gloves, knitting gloves, safety gloves, luxury cape gloves. This machine can stick leather on the palm and very small narrow fingers. with single straight needle sewing needle bar, choose cancel the line, looper thread work principle. Apply to sew leather glove, handbags etc in the leather sewing

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