Large Mouth Suitcase Handbag Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is specially designed for luggage manufacturing. Cylindrical thick flat sewing machine, solid structure, modelling is novel. Adopts sliding bar pick line, constitute a double lock stitch, upper and lower shaft with synchronous toothed belt transition.Presser foot, feed dog, needle feed and lever type stitch regulator. High voltage foot pieces, high pressure foot clearance and

Heavy Duty Sewing Machine For Shoes Upholstery

The long post bed design of this sewing machine is conductive to the sewing of long cylindrical articles and meets the diversified sewing needs.  The design of the left kettle makes it easy to sew special items.Suitable for riding boots, sports shoes, work shoes, casual shoes, sponge shoes, baby shoes, high quality leather shoes, bags and

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Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine

For this heavy duty industrial sewing machine, the lifting height of the presser foot can reach 25mm,suitable for sewing extremely thick materials, and the stitched pattern is neat and beautiful . Using three synchronous feeding mechanism, the sewing fabric is precise and stable, and the stitches are even and beautiful. Production Specification Model:JL-180 Stitch Formation:Lock