Heavy Duty Leather Hamming Sewing Machine

This machine is specially designed for thick materials with solid structure and novel model . Convenient for operation and adjustment, improve the work efficiency.Widely used in production of all kinds of leather goods, leather clothing, shoes, seat cushion for processing. Product Specification Model:JL-244V-2A Stitch Formation:Lock Stitch Mechanical Configuration:Flat-Bed Sewing Thickness:12 mm Stitch Length:0-8 mm Feed Mechanism:Multiple Warranty:1 Year

Cylinder Bed Computer Integrated Leather Hemming Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is equipped with pneumatic reverse seam device, electronic operation panel and hemming sewing device. It is easy to operate and adjust, and the work efficiency is high. Widely used in the sewing of leather clothes, bags, leather goods, and the hemming process in the production of shoes, bags, and cushions. Product Specification Model:246DV-2AQ Stitch Formation:Lock