Direct Drive Heavy Duty Compound Feed Sewing Machine

This series is the latest of heavy duty compound feed lock stitch sewing machines, which is designed with large vertical rotating hooks for thread loop caching and sliding bar for thread up-taking. It has been sub-classed into single needle and two needle. The application of needle bearings for arm shaft and hook shaft, cog belt driving,

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High speed Large Hook Leather Bag Sewing Machine

The body of this sewing machine adopts high-density and high-precision metal materials, which increases the stability and wear resistance of the machine, and extends the service life of the machine.The use of horizontal shuttles reduces the frequency of winding cores and improves production efficiency. New-style lifting cam seat is equipped,and after careful technical improvement, the lifting cam seat, needle

Shoes Making Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is designed with a small cylindrical sewing table, comprehensive feeding, and synchronous mobile hemming device.The machine is easy to operate and adjust, and the work efficiency is high. Widely used in the sewing of leather clothes, bags, leather goods, and the hemming process in the production of shoes, bags, and cushions.   Product Specification Model:JL-246