8B Sewing Machine for Thick Material

This sewing machine is a cylinder type specially designed for luggage manufacturing with a solid structure. For different sewing process, the corresponding presser foot sewing can be replaced. The thread clamp can adjust the tightness of the lower thread according to the sewing requirement. The function of the side screw is to add the parts with fixed edge

Double Needle Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine adopts a post bed double-needle structure, which is suitable for sewing long cylindrical objects and meets the diverse needs of customers. Double needle clutch needle bar structure to ensure precision in turning, right angle, acute angle and straight sewing. Synchronized fabric feeding of needle bar and feed dog to prevent fabric slip, fine adaptation

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Shoes Making Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is applicable to all types of sports shoes, footwear, children shoes, boots and other footwear and handbags sewing. The vertical post bed makes sewing operations easily and conveniently, enable flexible sewing of various arc stitches, thereby making the machine suitable for using in a wide range of applications.  Adopted upper and lower

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Post Bed Boots Leather Industrial Sewing Machine

This post-bed industrial sewing machine is equipped with three-synchronous comprehensive feeding, and sewing thick and thin items is evenly and beautifully.Vertically long kettle seat design (kettle seat height 443 mm) ,special small angle needle plate and feeding cloth design make it easy for operations.  Suitable for sewing long boot,golf bags, and other thick materials products.

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