Heavy Duty 18 Inch Long Arm Sewing Machine

The operation space of this industrial sewing machine  is enlarged and working space is 457mm*150mm, which is suitable for sewing large items and meets the diverse sewing needs of customers.Adopt vertical shuttle, avoid frequent replacement of wire core, improve work efficiency, increase factory output. Product Specification Model:JL-6620-18 Stitch Formation:Lock Stitch Mechanical Configuration:Flat-Bed Sewing Thickness:16 mm Stitch Length:0-11 mm

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Long Bed Tent Industrial Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is equipped wiht large vertical rotating hooks. Divided into single needle, double needle, synchronous cog belt plunger pump lubrication system. The machine drive slide on comprehensive performance, low noise, high durability.Especially suitable for car seat cushion, seat belts, air bags , such as sewing, can also be applicable to the tent, parachute and other large

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