The bobbin winding device of this heavy duty sewing machine is located above the machine head, and the lifting height of the presser foot can reach 25mm,suitable for sewing extremely thick materials, and the stitched pattern is neat and beautiful . Adopt comprehensive feeding method and cylindrical sewing table. The feeding force is strong and stable, and it can easily sew multiple layers of heavy materials. The stitches are precise and beautiful.  It adopts imported large-scale special pendulum shuttle with large bobbin thread volume and high sewing efficiency.

Production Specification

  • Model:JL-441
  • Stitch Formation:Lock Stitch
  • Mechanical Configuration:Cylinder-Bed
  • Sewing Thickness:25 mm
  • Stitch Length:0-12 mm
  • Power:550 W /750 W
  • Overall Dimensions:5*41.5*55 cm
  • Feed Mechanism:Multiple
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Key Selling Points:Easy to Operate
  • Core Components:Other, Motor
  • Number of Needle:Single Needle
  • Diameter of Cylinder Bed:85 mm
  • Presser foot lift:20 mm(by hand) 25 mm (by knee)
  • Needle size:DY*3
  • Hook:Shuttle (KSP-204N)
  • Lubrication:Manual Lubrication
  • Working Space:420*210 mm
  • motor:550W 4P slow clutch motor/750W servo motor
  • Dimensions:5*41.5*55 cm


Super thick material sewing machine dustrial Sewing Machine with Servo Motor and footer presser can raise to 25mm

Super Heavy duty industrial sewing machine